The frequently asked questions here will guide you through everything you need to know to get started as a freelance tester with g11n. Links are provided for each section to bring you to the particular Topic that further answers common questions. If you have more specific questions, please write to us



1. What documents are included in New Vendor Kit?

The New Vendor Kit contains:
1) Master Contract Agreement
2) Exhibit-A defining the service provided, service level agreement and negotiated rate
3) Appropriate tax forms
4) Direct Deposit Form (for US based contractors)
5) Client's Non-Disclosure Agreement
6) Access details for a Web based Timesheet and Reporting after receiving the signed papers.

2. I am based in US. Which form should I fill; W9 or W8?

If you live in the United States and your earnings exceed $600, you are required to fill out a W-9 form and email to accounts@g11n.com. After we received your signed W-9 form, we will make payments on a bi-monthly payment cycle - including all pending payments prior to submitting your W9 form. You can download a W-9 form from http://www.irs.gov/pub/irs-pdf/fw9.pdf

3. How am I taxed on g11n earnings?

Please consult a tax advisor for proper income reporting instructions prior to filing your taxes. No matter where you are working from, you are responsible for reporting all earnings as per local laws and pay taxes accordingly.

4. I am not a US Based Consultant, so what document do I sign?

If you are a foreigner in United States or a contractor living outside United States, you need to fill a W-8 BEN form to claim exemption from US tax because you are eligible to pay taxes in your own country. You will receive the W-8 form along with New Hire Kit.

5. What is a W-8 BEN Form?

W-8 BEN form is filed with IRS by foreigners in the US or contractors living outside of US who are receiving "non-service payments" and wish to claim exemption from tax in their own country. After we receive your signed W-8 form, we will resume payments coinciding with our bi-monthly payment cycle - including all pending payments prior to submitting your W8 form. Please scan and email completed W-8 forms to accounts@g11n.com.

6. What is a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

You may be asked to sign a client specific NDA which is mandatory. Please consult your legal advisor for your questions.

7. Whom do I need to contact for all New Hire Agreement related queries?

Please email your questions to accounts@g11n.com

8. Whom should I contact for queries regarding the contract and exhibits?

Please email to your queries to accounts@g11n.com


1. How do I select & set up my payment methods?

You can select your payment method when you receive New Hire Vendor kit. You have three modes of payment from which you can select:

Direct Deposit: Applicable only for US residents. Scan and send completed Direct Deposit form, available in your New Hire Kit, along with a copy of your Voided Check and the appropriate tax form to accounts@g11n.com

PayPal: For contractors living outside of US, please email your PayPal id to accounts@g11n.com. For further info on PayPal, please visit the website www.paypal.com

Manual Check: For all Resources who do not wish to be paid via Direct Deposit or who do not have a PayPal account. You can receive your payments via Manual checks by postal service.

2. When are my payments processed?

All payments will be processed on a bi-monthly payment cycle, falling on the 15th & the last day of each month. If any of the payment days falls on a US holiday or weekend, the payments are processed on the last working day before the weekend or holiday.

3. How do I view my payment history?

For Direct Deposit: You will receive a Paystub at the end of every pay cycle, which shows your earnings till date. You also have access to this information via Replicon. For PayPal Payments: You can view your payments history in your PayPal account. For more info on PayPal see www.paypal.com

4. Whom should I contact regarding any payment related queries?

All payment related queries should be addressed to accounts@g11n.com

5. Whom should I contact if I do not get paid on time?

If you have submitted your timesheet on time and have still gotten paid, please contact accounts@g11n.com

6. What is a Direct Deposit form?

This is a self-declaration from requesting g11n to directly deposit your payment in the bank account mentioned in the form. This is applicable only for US Residents.

7. What is VOID Check?

An Actual Check leaf of your bank account that reads Void. It should clearly show your bank details such as your account number and the bank routing number for Direct Deposit purpose. Do not use starter checks.

8. Whom do I contact for any last minute Payment Request?

All payments are processed in a timely manner based on timesheets. However, if you have emergency and are in immediate need of funds, please write to accounts@g11n.com. We may be able to accommodate your request, subject to approval from the necessary g11n Finance Manager.

9. Where can I send my updated address details?

It is extremely important to update your address details for timely payments. Please send updated Address details to accounts@g11n.com in advance, with an effective change date.

10. Where can I send my updated bank details?

It is extremely important to update your bank account details for timely payments. Please send updated bank account details to accounts@g11n.com.

11. What if I want to change my mode of payment?

Please write and send the necessary documents needed for the new mode of payment to accounts@g11n.com We will make the required changes before the next payroll deadline.

12. How do I submit the invoices?

You are not required to submit any manual invoices. Your timesheets on Replicon are considered as your invoice. Please make sure you take care to fill-in the timesheets daily, and get approval from the appropriate reporting manager \ project manager.

13. How can I report my expenses?

Please check with your project manager before you incur any expense. Once approved, please email the receipts to the project manager with a cc to accounts@g11n.com.

Pre-approval is NOT required in special conditions, such as If you send Flowers on team behalf for our fellow workers on their wedding day or If you send Flowers on team behalf for our fellow workers when they have lost someone close.

14. How can I check my paystubs online?

You will be able to login into our Payroll service provider using your SSN and access your paystubs online. To register please CLICK HERE

15. What is PayPal Account?

PayPal is a vendor through whom funds can be processed online in a fast and highly secure way. For more details, see www.paypal.com

16. Is there a fee I would pay when receiving payment via PayPal?

Please see the details on www.paypal.com for all fee related queries on your PayPal accounts.


1. What is Replicon?

Replicon is a third party company providing a Web based Timesheet Reporting System. You will need to keep your timesheet up-to-date with all the necessary information. The time sheets are approved by your manager \ project manager, and all payments you receive are based on the filled in timesheets. You will receive your Replicon user ID & password once all the agreement documents are signed and returned to g11n. For more details on Replicon, please visit the website www.replicon.com

2. When can I get access to Replicon?

Access to Replicon is given only after receiving signed agreement copies. Once you have the User ID and Password you can access your Replicon account from http://na1.replicon.com/g11n/main.aspx

3. I have never used Replicon before, how do I get started?

You will receive detailed instructions on how to enter your timesheet on Replicon. Also, your manager \ project manager can give you specific instruction on the details you need to enter in your timesheets.

4. What if I cannot access Replicon?

Please contact us at accounts@g11n.com with details of the specific problem that you are facing with Replicon.

5. What if I forget my Replicon user id & password?

Please contact us at accounts@g11n.com to get your User ID and password reinstated.

6. Whom should I contact for all Replicon related queries?

Please email accounts@g11n.com or contact your manager \ project manager with the specific issue. If available, a screen shot would help them repro the issue and help resolve the issue quicker.

7. What is a project id?

It is a unique alpha numerical id associated with every project is assigned to you by a Project Manager. The project id helps us identify the project and track the details of the project. You will always need to enter your timesheet details against a project id.

8. Where can I see my Project ID's in Replicon?

You will find Project ID listed under the Drop Down menu of the "Activity" column in your timesheet.

9. What if I cannot find my Project ID?

Project ids are added every 2nd day automatically in Replicon. However, if you find your project id is missing please contact your Project Manager.

10. Do I need to submit an invoice to get paid?

Your logged time against the projects in the Replicon timesheet will be considered on a bi-weekly basis, on the 15th & last day of the month, as your invoice. We do not require any other form of invoices for payment purpose.

11. What if I fail to submit my timesheet on the due date?

Oopsss!! Sorry you missed your payment in the current pay period. But don't panic, notify us immediately at accounts@g11n.com, so it could be included in the next pay cycle. However, any timesheets pending for a period of six months or more will not be considered & the amount shall be forfeited.

12. How does one get paid by submitting their timesheet?

Payments are done two pay-cycles a months. Timesheets between 1st and 15th of the month are paid on the last working day of the month and timesheets between 16th and the last working day of the month will be paid on 15th of the following month.

13. Can the timesheet be edited once submitted?

Timesheet cannot be edited once it has been submitted. Hence, always save your timesheet & only submit it when you are absolutely certain that it is accurate and has all the details. You project manager is the approver of your timesheet and will be your first point of contact for any issues and assistance.

14. Whom do I need to Report about my Vacation/Off time/Sick/Personal Time Off etc..?

As a sub-contractor you are allowed to take as much time as you like in a calendar year. However we request you to give us at least 2 weeks prior notice by reporting it in Replicon in your timesheet. This helps g11n project managers to coordinate and assign projects accordingly.

15. Who approves my timesheet?

Your Project Manager is the approving authority of your timesheets. Please make sure that the information you enter in the timesheet is accurate and complete so that the project manager can approve the timesheet without any difficulty or additional communication.

16. How do I know if my timesheet has been approved?

You will receive an email notification stating that your timesheet has been approved.

17. Where can I address my timesheet reported queries?

All timesheet related queries can be addressed to your Project Manager.

18. What if my timesheet get rejected? Can I re-submit it?

Yes. You receive an email notification stating that your timesheet has been rejected mentioning the reason for rejection. You may edit the timesheet and re-submit it.

19. I was not given Replicon web timesheet access?

If you do not have access to Replicon yet, please contact your project manager to get a manual timesheet template. You will need to use this offline timesheet template to maintain your project work details. Email the timesheet to accounts@g11n.com and your project manager for approval and processing.

20. How do I get approval for Old timesheets?

You may contact your project manager to get the approval for those that were not previously approved. However, any timesheet 6 months or older will not be considered for payment & the amount shall be forfeited. Hence g11n requests you to submit your timesheets in a timely manner and track their approval.


1. Whom do I contact for all HR related queries?

All HR queries can be addressed to accounts@g11n.com

2. What is HireRight?

HireRight is g11n vendor responsible for your background verification. You will receive an email from HireRight to fill in the authorization form for your background verification. For more details please visit their website www.hireright.com

3. Why is a background check required?

Background verification is done based on the g11n client's requirement. This is done to verify that you do not have any criminal / felony / misdemeanor charge, and you are legally eligible to work for the Client.

4. How can I check my status of background verification?

You will receive email confirmation about the status of you background verification process.

5. What benefits are offered by g11n?

Currently g11n does not offer any additional benefits. However, we are in the process of implementing 401K and Health Benefits. You would be notified as soon as we roll them out.

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