Legal Localization

As with any localization process there are a number of components that need to fit together. In legal Localization there are strict laws and regulations that need to be kept in mind and followed. There are not only local laws to be considered but also international laws. Within the legal framework itself you would come across a multitude of different sectors, some are

Industrial Law
Family Law
Copyright Law
Patents and trademarks
Contractual Law
Mergers and Acquisitions
International Law
Intellectual Property
Witness statements

In each and every one of the above specializations there is potential for localization. Sometimes it's about companies and company mergers, and other times Patents and International Law or drawing up contracts. Legal localization is not only about pure translation but also involves legal transactions, local laws and international laws. It is a highly specialized form of localization.

At g11n our Legal Localization team works with only certified Localization experts in coordination with our legal team of experts. Everyone project has a dedicated Project Manager who oversees both the legal and localization teams, thus delivering an airtight and error proof project.

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