Multilingual Branding

Multilingual Branding

Multilingual Branding as the name suggests encompasses all kinds of branding, that is processed in multiple languages. One very important note to be made here is that Multilingual branding does not mean just translation of text from one language to another, but it also includes cultural and linguistic variables.

Importance of Multilingual Branding

The most crucial part of any business is branding; in all its form. It comes under the Marketing "umbrella" and as such would encompass any form of promotional material required to promote a product. When it comes to Multilingual Branding it's more than just translating a slogan from one language to another. Every aspect of the target market needs to be taken into consideration. Most often it has a lot to do with local slang and cultural sensitivities and not just the language. The basic fact is that Multilingual Branding prevents cultural faux pas.

At g11n we not only understand the importance of Multilingual Branding but we are constantly fine tuning it to suit different needs. As multilingual branding crosses over from the technicalities of just pure technology and ventures into the creativity and flare of multi-cultures; our global teams will work with you for that tailor-made fit.

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