Software Localization

Software Localization

Software Localization is the process of customizing the software to fit the linguistic and cultural requirement of a target market. It's not just a process of translating the products' User Interface, but localizing the software in order to make it accessible and user-friendly to the target market.

Something to think about…

Today our lives are touched in multiple ways and aspect through various types of software. Let's take a moment and look at some of the ways in which software influences our daily life. It's in our phones, laptops, smart devices, different apps, etc. and all these are developed globally. So considering this as an example... If Samsung were to launch a phone in Germany, in order for the phone to be attractive, convenient and feasible for the general public they would need to localize the apps on the phone so that it's relevant to the general public. This is just a very rudimentary example as to where Software Localization would come into play. Today it could very well be said, without any exaggeration, that it's woven into the very fabric of our daily lives. Just look around.

g11n has been part of the localization industry since 2008, and with all our years of experience we have perfected the localization process. We realize that when we talk about software localization there is no quick route to achieve perfection. This is a complicated process that includes both the technical side as well as the localization aspects. Our teams of experts help meld seamlessly the technical and localization aspects to create a flawless product.

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