Entertainment Transcription

Entertainment Transcription

Entertainment Transcription covers transcription of Movies, TV Episodic, Documentaries, etc. Since the content is entertainment based, it is reviewed by an expert in the field who will ensure correct and consistent use of spellings of names, places, phrases, etc. In case of TV Episodic, there are even consistency sheets that are maintained to ensure consistency throughout a series. Entertainment transcription is a growing area of the transcription services industry. Sometimes a project will be localized so as to introduce it into a non-english speaking market.So once the project goes through the transcription process, the document is then sent for localization, (this is only in cases where localization is also requested) post which it will be reviewed by a localization QA expert as well as an entertainment transcription expert. This happens simultaneously, so as to control the turnaround time of the project.

When we talk about Entertainment Transcription, these are a couple of services we refer to:

Reality Show Transcription
Radio Transcription Services
Podcast Transcription
Media Transcription
News Program Transcripts
Talk Show Transcripts
Press Conference Transcripts
Business Presentations

At g11n we not only do transcription for the entertainment industry but also for other forms of media such as radio transcription services, podcast transcription, news program transcription, transcription for advertising agencies, webcasts, etc. We also have a specialized localization team who work hand-in-hand with our transcription team for specialized localization project. In this competitive market we provided timely and accurate transcripts for all our projects. We are able to do so because our team of entertainment transcription experts are not only efficient but dedicated to achieve and deliver 100% quality in every project.

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