Legal Transcription


The transcribing of speech or audio files of legal proceedings into a written report or document, by a legal transcriptionist, is Legal Transcription. The legal documents could be in the form of Court Proceedings, Phone and Wire Taps. Legal transcriptionist is also known as court reporter, record in writing the exact speech of legal proceedings, business meetings and public events to accurately capture what is said by attendees and create permanent files that can be legally certified and notarized for court presentation. The notes could be recorded via a stenotype machines, steno masks, or digital recorders. In law firms or legal service agencies, legal transcriptionists may also store audio files and be responsible for the distribution of reports to clients, the media, and other sources. Sometimes the documents need to be localized. Once the project goes through the transcription process, the document is then sent for localization, (this is only in cases where localization is also requested) post which it will be reviewed by a localization QA expert as well as a legal transcription expert. This happens simultaneously, so as to control the turnaround time of the project.

It is important for a legal transcriptionist to have

Good hearing
Excellent listening skills
Solid understanding of legal terminology
Impeccable grammar and a good command of the English Language
Accurate typing skills.

At g11n we make sure we provide you with not only certified legal transcriptionist but legal transcriptionist who is a certified localization expert. Not only this but every transcription goes through a rigorous QA process that is monitored by a Project Manager. This is some of what we transcribe:

General legal correspondence and memos
Deposition Transcript Summaries
Medical-Legal Reports
Independent Medical Examination reports
Wills and Trust Documents
Workers' Compensation transcription
Pleadings and Appellate Briefs
Legal Agreements and Contracts
Testimony of court proceedings from audiotape, CD and DVD
Videotaped depositions, interviews, seminars, speeches, focus groups
Surveillance Reports
Telephone court hearings
Recorded Statements
Investigative Reports
Property, Casualty and Liability Reports

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