Multimedia Transcription

Multimedia Transcription

Multimedia Transcription covers transcription of any type of multimedia – video, audio, games, etc. In case of audio transcription we provide both verbatim and precise mode; verbatim mode ensures 98% transcription of content, while the precise mode provides the overall gist of the audio file. In the case of a request with a video transcription, we can either provide the transcribed audio segment in a separate text file or embed subtitles in the video file in the form of subtitles. When you put the localization process into the blend the project then works in coordination with our localization specialists. Once the project goes through the transcription process, the document is then sent for localization, this is only in cases where localization is also requested post which it will be reviewed by a localization QA expert as well as a multimedia transcription expert. This happens simultaneously, so as to control the turnaround time of the project.

There are a few steps that need to be adhered to while processing a technical transcription:

Analysis of the transcription at the initial phase so as to analyze the file for ease of transcription and expected output quality
Amendments and enhancements are made to the file incase the output quality expected is lower than the intended output quality specified.
Create a quote on the basis of the project requirement.
Fix the delivery schedule as per the client requirement and project specifications.
Process transcription and send document to QA team
QA team will analyze the transcription basis the output quality and project specifications. Only once it has been reviewed the project manager is the document released.

At g11n our multimedia experts are well-trained, highly qualified and industry experts fully focused at enhancing the quality of the output with every known transcription method. We also have a specialized localization team who work hand-in-hand with our transcription team for specialized localization project. The different streams of multimedia formats we handle include images, audio files and video files. We have successfully worked on different multimedia formats like jpeg, bmp, tiff, png, gif, wav, mp3, aac, wma, dat, mpeg-2, mpeg-3, mpeg-4, 3gp, avi, dvx, mpg, rts, swf, flv, vid, wmv etc. We also provide flexibility to receive your input file either through mail. The output files will be delivered in the format of your choice; MSWord, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Page Maker, Adobe Frame Maker etc.

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